Company Profile

We know that LOVE is a super power that can change the world and save lives when we spread it unconditionally.


We have a simple mission: To BE a catalyst to ignite the super power of LOVE in every being on the planet!!
We are always happy to work with you and inspire love in your community.  Please bring us your ideas for love spreading and lets see how we can make magic happen together and spread the love where it is really needed!! 

What We’re Doing

Mosaic Family Shelter Monthly Birthday Party
we work with a local woman and children's shelter and host their monthly birthday parties along with any other projects that randomly come up and need support.

Community Project Feed the Hungry

Fort Worth Burrito Project   &

Light up the Bridge
Three local homeless feeding groups that we support and collect for when they have drop offs for our homeless community.


An organization dedicated to helping veterans and people in need. 

 Super Love Heroes


Founded: 2012

Owner: Laura Zamora

Officers: Levi Hollandsworth

                 Elisha Martin

                 Sarah Ranson

                 Patrick Stephens

Areas of expertise:

Spreading the super power LOVE to all that need it.

Recent Projects